Henlo! Welcome to Planktoons!

We're 4,444 of the spunkiest and spiciest bebes on the blockchain!

↓ C'mon frand, let's take a scroll ↓

Season 1 ~ Feb 15th, 2022 - May 15th, 2022

Sell Out!

💕 We launched Feb 14th, 2022 (Plankentine's Day!)

SOLD OUT all 4,444 NFTs on the same day!

Plankie Staking!

🥩 APRIL 28th, 2022

Stake your Planktoons to generate $SPANK!

$SPANK utility?! Glad you asked bebe - look here!


🥇 TENTATIVELY: MAY 8th, 2022

Every season, we hand out POAPs to our partners and members. These POAPs are worth $SPANK!

We will take a snapshot and POAP holders will be able to claim their $SPANK! How do you earn POAPs? Look here!

P.S. We'll also be re-launching this whole website, it's gonna be poppin'!

$SPANK Store Opens!

🍑 TENTATIVELY: MAY 15th, 2022

Chomnk the Shopkeeper opens up the Planktoons Marketplace!

Holders can now spend their $SPANK on prizes (WL, free mints, custom art + merch, and more!)

Animated PFPs

🤩 TENTATIVELY: MAY 15th, 2022

What is the end of our first season at Planktoons without the CHERRY ON TOP, eh?!

Holders will be able to unlock an animated PFP of their Planktoons NFT! Each animated PFP has been individually animated by our 3-artist team!


📖 Interactive Digital Storybook!

Each season, the community builds the next chapter of our story in Discord - PlankTales!

In Season 2, we will ship an interactive and custom digital storybook experience gated by your Planktoons NFT! Read about it here!

🤝 Moar WL Collabs!

Our collabs and partnerships team are hungry hungry degens and bring WL spots for our holders for projects such as Everai, Gummies Gang, Los Muertos, Moonsie, and more!



Presale: February 12th, 2022
Public sale: February 14th, 2022
Sell-out: February 14th, 2022 (Plankentine's Day!)

Total Supply: 4,444
Mint Price: 0.0444 ETH


Read our roadmap above, OR go here for a quick 4 minute read.


April 28th, 2022! Dashboard coming SOON!



Artist Extraordinaire


Support Artist


Game Designer and Animator